Happy Halloween + Updates!

2012-10-31 07:33:41 by ATheatricalSongBird

Happy Halloween you witches, gremlins, ghosts & zombies!
Shamefully, we've only had two groups of kids come to our door! And we went out to buy lollipops and everything.. Oh well, more for me, I suppose!

Moving on!
So i'm a couple of weeks late, but Hikarian's latest film J&J: Sweet and Sour has been released on NGs, and she did an ah-mazing job! All made in 21 days... How does one do that!? I had an awesome time voicing her last two flashes, and I certainly hope to be a part of her future projects! This project also helped me to recognise a true voice talent: SirUndead. I have every confidence this guy is going to be incredibly popular in the online acting community! Turns out I'm going to be voicing in a couple more NGs movies with him- All due in good time!

I was scouted a couple of months ago to audition for an app game, released on iOS devices. I was absolutely stoaked to get cast! It's all gone so quickly, but it got released the other day! Buy Galactic Phantasy Prelude in the App Store now for $0.99! I voice Tina, one of the slave camp survivors who becomes your crew member, and a ticketseller in the game! Okay, so I got a little excited..! The trailer can be seen below if you're interested:

Now, I normally do have a small segment at the bottom of my posts about the ponies.. I'm certainly not about the break tradition! Shamefully I have nothing to show as of right now, but I can say that I recently got cast in the 'On a Cross & Arrow' radio play (based on the fanfic), jjkmovies is going to release his LOTR Reenacted by Ponies in the coming weeks, and I got four callbacks for Newsponies (Hopefully castings will be released soon.. Keep your fingers and toes crossed?!). And KJOokami of NGs also had an incredible amount of callbacks! He also came 2nd in the VAC9, and I just wanted to 110% recommend this guy! Such an amazing talent- Be sure to ask him to voice for your next project!

Phew- Well I think that's certainly long enough! I just wanted to thank those who have sent me messages with lovely feedback about my voice, and offers to voice their next flash! It's been really wonderful to know I must be doing something right! Starting next week I'm going to be teaching full time for three weeks, so I'm afraid I can't take on anymore than I'm already doing. I finish teaching on the 23rd of Nov,so if you need someone then, be sure to ask! If not, you can still shoot me a message, and I can try and help you find someone who can take on your project!
Thanks again guys, and be sure to have a spooktacular halloween! :)


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2012-10-31 08:59:33

This is fantastic news! you make me proud, be sure to keep everything you have learnt as valuable experience, write it down and make sure you do not forget how you performed.
Remember enthusiasm is your biggest strength in succeeding and in the long run this will value your voice acting mastery.


ATheatricalSongBird responds:

Aww thank you!
I've learnt so much since I first started, so I'm definitely taking it all on board! Have a long way to go though! Thanks Tony! :)


2012-10-31 14:46:30

Hah, your post just made my day. You are too kind. Good luck with teaching. A lot of folks have made failed attempts to scare me during this month, but the idea of teaching would be one that succeeded instantaneously.

I certainly hope that I could be a big deal, because then I would get to be your co-star in all the big deal projects!

ATheatricalSongBird responds:

Oh good, I'm so glad!
Yeah, the whole idea scares me too, actually! I have to teach an hour a day for the first week and observe the rest of the day (Which is fine), but then I have to teach some full days. Which scares me, a lot! It's going to be a crazy three weeks.
Haha, you flatter me so! I'm sure we'll both have turns playing the star and co-star! Either way, so long as we're still getting jobs, right? XD


2012-11-01 18:07:25

Wow someone's been a busy bee lol. I'm hoping to get all my uni stuff uploaded within the next few weeks, Gigi included. Work isn't being to kind to me at the moment and I want them to look perfect :<.

Anyway I look forward to working with you on future projects :>.

ATheatricalSongBird responds:

A busy and very tired bee, but I liked doing it!
And now I'm a little sad that I'm going to be doing very little voice acting in the next few weeks! Ah well. That's completely fair enough- and I am super excited!
Yes, me too! I would be only more than happy to work with you again! XD Goodluck!


2012-12-11 03:20:36

I was kinda in the middle of a blackout when this post was made, but am wondering how things have been going since you wrote this :3


2012-12-24 23:48:40

Merry Christmas ATheatricalSongbird

btw here's your survey entry:

http://austerity.newgrounds.com/news/post/8022 29