2013-01-15 20:23:43 by ATheatricalSongBird

It's been a long time since I've posted, but something exciting happened...

So.. It's been a little over an hour, and WE'RE ALMOST HALF WAY!
Okay, so I'm a little excited... XD The voice works of Freedom Planet also include Omahdon, Seymour, Kaggy, and our Lilac: Dawn Bennet! AND WE ARE ECSTATIC!

Check it out on Kickstarter by following the link in the description of the video (So many instructions!):

And as the video shows, Milla is now a playable character! WOO!

Moving on, I know I'm a couple of months late, but Gigi got released on NGs! I voice... Gigi! A massive thankyou to my fellow Aussie mate, Budj, for casting me, and being my Fable friend on Xbox.. LOL! So if you haven't already, make sure you check it out!

Along with Budge, Anjidu, Potnyx, Eastbeast, Teejay-number13, Seraphim87, Headphoamz, Gustavos, and Joeylicious, we created the epicness that is SUPERLAB PRODUCTIONS! (Here is the NGs link too: A group of voice actors, programmers, artists and animators that have banded together to create awesomeness... Need I say more?

More exciting news coming up soon, and I'll try to not leave it so long next time!


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2013-01-16 16:11:07

freedom planet kickstarter looks so similar to sonic and btw will this game be on newgrounds ?

ATheatricalSongBird responds:

FP was certainly influenced by Sonic, Megaman, and all those other older platform games, but the game is completely unique in regards to the characters and the plotline. As more of the game is released, the more you'll see the distinct differences. :) If you're interested, you can read more here: http://freedomplanet.galaxytrail.
com/faq.htm . FP is looking at a commercial release (PC, Mac, Steam, and hopefully Xbox) so I'm afraid it won't make it on NGs!
But you can play the free demo now on their website! :)
Hope you like it!


2013-01-23 00:52:11

Aww that's cute :>! And lol, $11,000 raised in like a week. I'm thinking of pledging another $50 so I can design a billboard for the game. I wonder if they'd let me put Gigi on it... o.o.

I haven't had a chance to play Xbox as of late, I've only just started Fable 2 :<. When you get a headset you should check out Castle Crashers. The co-op is funner than hunting dingos in a maternity ward... *clap*

ATheatricalSongBird responds:

Another $50? YESSS, DO ITTTT! ;)
Not too sure he'll permit Gigi.. I suppose you could still shoot Stephen a message asking though!
OH, THE HEADSET! Damn, not too sure I'm getting that for my birthday now...!
*Watches the clapping for a while, then turns away*


2013-01-26 11:07:08

if I had some money to spare I would help you support FP but I don't have that much anyway it looks great hope you do will in the work like the avartar you have

ATheatricalSongBird responds:

Thank you so much!
Not to worry at all, it's the thought that counts! :)
You can play the demo for free on Freedom Planet's website if you'd like!
Thanks again!


2013-01-28 09:58:21

hey its me again I just did the FP Demo and it looks awesome and I'm happy that you guys reached ur goal of 2,000 and hope if keeps going great. I am now a fan of Freedom Planet and I will keep watching ur videos that u and everyone makes. have a great week

ATheatricalSongBird responds:

This just made my day!
So happy to hear you enjoyed it...! It's reached a stage where it's only going to keep getting better, so I hope you continue to love it! Thanks for letting me know! :)


2013-01-28 21:21:12

Nice! :P