Freedom Planet Thank You & Other Works!

2013-02-15 09:14:28 by ATheatricalSongBird

Here's the lowdown!!

Freedom Planet's Kickstarter Campaign ended earlier today with over $25,000 pledged, and over 1,100 backers! Check out the page here to see for yourself! No time to rest yet though, This baby still needs to be Greenlit on Steam!

Here lies my personal thank you to all those that supported the game... Don't laugh at me!

So thanks again, everyone! :)

Moving on:
Have had three NGs videos released this month, and although I'm late at noting it, I've exceeded 100 fans! This is AWESOME! Great to know I must be doing something right! :) I hope everyone has checked out Pencilmation #30 and Pencilmation #31 by the very talented Ross Bollinger! Loved his videos prior to working with him, so I am thrilled to actually be a part of them! Stay tuned!

I apologise to the last few people who have sent me messages regarding my voice acting services, I've found it difficult to manage my time as of late! Please contact me in a couple of weeks if any of you still need a voice, or I would be more than happy to recommend some other actresses I know that may be able to help you out. Sorry again!

Thanks everyone, till next time!!


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2013-02-15 19:55:09

Your cute voice *-*

ATheatricalSongBird responds:

Hahaha, Thanks! :)
Only few people had seen what I look like or heard my natural speaking voice, so it was time for a reveal!


2013-02-16 10:25:22

Aww what a cutie ;o.

And lol, I remain confident that FP will get greenlit. The process may just take a tad longer.

ATheatricalSongBird responds:

At 89% of being in the top 100 apparently, but it fluctuates quite a bit.
Keeping fingers and toes crossed! XD


2013-02-16 15:54:53

That Freedom Planet thing looks righteous! So THAT'S where that icon was from. I'm sure I could have made this revelation way sooner, but my focus has been out in space or something.

ATheatricalSongBird responds:

Thank ya, and I forgive your spaciness! BUT ONLY THIS TIME :|


2013-02-16 23:31:55

Hahah, if you only have the patience for one time then I'm glad we'll only ever be in projects indirectly via our own personal recordings. I'm pretty sure you'd deck me in the teeth if we ever had to work on a set together.

"How could you forget your line!? It's literally two words!"