Time to sum up July and August!

2013-08-24 03:30:30 by ATheatricalSongBird

Updates are hard.
Can't even remember the exact order of these updates, but will try my best!

High-Seas Honey
I got cast as Brielle in MissColleenJay's (here on NGs) semi-animated series, 'High-Seas Honey!' Other cast members include fellow aussies Budj (Gigi animator- Superlab member!) and the very talented and mysterious, Omahdon (Voice of EVERYTHING). You can check out the decision casting video which has all of our voices here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u87oh5C4nvw
Gonna be a good one, folks! Be sure to check it out on Youtube when all is said and done!

Princess Battles by Nekomura Games
I voice Rosalind (well, her expressions anyway!) in this Visual Novel romantic adventure! Follow Lillian as she embarks on an adventure to maintain her place on the throne by participating in sim-themed card battles! Earn cute outfits and defeat your rival- Windows PC version available for $20! Feel free to check it out in more detail on their website!

I believe I'd mentioned this a while back, but I got cast as West Wing in Newsponies (created by the same guys that made the Vinyl Scratch Tapes- TheMidnightMagicPro!). Obviously I wasn't there, but I heard the Newsponies crew rocked their panel at Bronycon, and one of the shorts I'd voiced in was shown to the crowd!
Check it out, yo!

Yeah. Stuff got heated. Expect great things- such well developed characters, great voice work, and an amazing script! Things gon' goooood!

Blood High, Ep 1
Is just the way it sounds. A high school of maniacal fighters. I voice the protagonist, Garnet. She's crazy cool. But crazy, none the less! Was only released in the last 24hrs, give it some love :)

Office Awesomeness, Ep 1
Whoops. Wrong order, as this was released almost a month ago! ...Meh.
This shit's crazy... But I like it :) Something tells me I'll be working with this animator for a while- expect a line up of works to come! If you haven't seen this quirky, reference-filled piece just yet, I recommend you check it out on NGs here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/622564 Hope you like Navi! ;)

Oh, and cause I said I would... Here is the death of Budj.

And just a reminder, folks! I now have a FACEBOOK PAGE! Consider it the go-to for a summary of my released voice works, as well as a distributor of acting opportunities I've stumbled across for you fellow voice talents!

... I remember why I delay making these things now. This took me over an hour... Haha!
*** As always, if you need a voice, feel free to contact me here- but please outline what the project is, the character type, the deadline, the samples lines, and all those other goodies! I can't guarantee always being able to say yes (quite frankly, it depends on the week given the hecticness of university), but even if I say no I will always provide alternative options for you! So don't be afraid to drop me a line! :)
Thanks for sticking with me, guys!


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2013-08-24 04:17:35

That voice you do in that Pony video would totally work for Sheila!

ATheatricalSongBird responds:

Epic! Done and done!


2013-08-24 14:38:09

Jesus ... you do so much work

ATheatricalSongBird responds:

Haha, keeping in mind this spans across almost two months of not updating- and that some of these have been in development for half a year...! But thanks! :)


2013-09-13 19:58:28

Nothing short of surprising. I didn't know you did a Pony News show on YT. You need to start telling me this stuff.