Summing up a Super September!

2013-10-03 03:24:31 by ATheatricalSongBird

My alliteration sucks.

Now, let's get smack-bang into this voice acting business!

Newgrounds News
If you're not one of the 174,524 views of the Legend of Link video here on NGs, as created by mister James Beavers; you should change that now. That Wind Waker scene alone is worth watching it for... I laughed pretty hard at that. Props to Tomsthevoice!

Next up we have The Crystal Story II intro- a sneak peak into the upcoming game sequel! Now, I cannot express how excited I was to get cast as both Lina & Rita in this! I'd played the first Crystal Story game almost a year ago here on NGs (got severely addicted) and never thought I would be voicing in the next game! The first game has over 700,000 plays (I'm likely to be a few of those thousands...) and the second game is shaping up to look even more amazing (No bias intended!)! Also, if you'd like to be a tester for the game, check out Lan14n's post HERE!

Long loooong in the making, The 1st episode of A Buncha Guys has finally been released! I voiced the opening narration, the two chicks in the library and introduced Fargonz in a sing-songy tone! Honestly, this was an awesome pilot episode, it deserves far more recognition. I was really taken-aback by how amazingly well everything came together... Couldn't find a flaw! I really loved it, had me in giggles during the Fargonz scene...! Am very excited to see what episode 2 brings!

Last minute quick note: You may hear a familiar voice pop up now and again in Evil-Dog's upcoming Halloween game! ;)

In Other News
I'm going to be making a couple of small voice appearances in the game Nosebound: A film noir adventure game for the PC! The game could use your help though- it's currently still hovering around on Steam Greenlight and could really use your upvote! Here's the link to it's Steam Page! Below you'll find a short trailer of the game...Enjoy!

Also, in some other very special news: I'll be voicing for another game on Steam Greenlight called Unhack. InvertMouse (The developer of the game) is a fellow Australian (Same state, even!) and asked if I would voice in another upcoming game of his: Bermuda. Turns out, this game's demo will be featured at the Indie Game Show and Tell Panel during the EB Games Expo in Sydney! 5th of October at 9:30am in the Lovesac Lounge (Cuuuuute!). Marcus asked if I'd come and watch the panel and queried if I'd be interested in signing some postcards afterwards that would be handed out, which of course I was keen for! XD Should be an awesome day... Am pretty keen to play some board games, too! So if there's any Sydney-goers out there, come along and say hi!

Last thing! A big thank you to my 250+ fans here on NGs, my 160+ fans on YT, and my... 26 followers on facebook *Blush* XD If you haven't already, be sure to follow my FACEBOOK PAGE as that's where I post EVERYTHINGGGG voice acting related (About ME, about auditions for YOU, about STUFF). I'm really quite the facebook nut, so expect instant and relevant info there!

Thanks, all!


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2013-10-04 06:45:41

Sydney is a bit out of walking distance for me unfortunatly >:. Have fun!

I'm only beating you by 6 fans. This cannot be, I need to finish something badly!

ATheatricalSongBird responds:

Hitch-hike it! hahaha, thanks though! I'm so excited!
I just realised this has to be the first time I haven't mentioned you in a newspost... That's crazy!
Ha, and the race is on XD


2013-10-04 18:45:36

Gigi 2 or bust

: >

ATheatricalSongBird responds:

Haha, I would love a Gigi 2!
But as we both know, that's out of my hands! XP