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Voice Acting Updates - Looking for a Voice?

2016-12-02 19:44:51 by ATheatricalSongBird

Hi everyone!

Thought I would keep you all updated with my voice over work from the last couple of months!

Siegecraft Commander by Blowfish Studios:

I'm pretty fortunate to announce that I will be voicing one of the lizard commanders, Ktara, in Siegecraft Commander- Which will be available for the Xbox One and PS4 on January 17th of next year!
I am super excited about this for three reasons in particular:
1. I have never voiced in an Xbox One game before. Hype.
2. This role is SO outside my typical voice range. I would need to cough after every couple of lines due to the deepness of her voice, but WHAT A CHALLENGE!
and 3. Blowfish Studios are a Sydney-based indie studio, and I haven;t had the opportunity to voice for a lot of projects that have derived from my own country (Sound crazy, right!?). But I am truly passionate about getting my work out there... Well, here :)

Kitsune Magic Shop by Worldcore Studios:

I am voicing the protagonist, Niyama, in the 3D Visual Novel 'Kitsune Magic Shop!' I also held private auditions to help the team find the best people for the job, and have taken on some voices you may be well acquinated with- Including Edwyn Tiong, Patrick Seymour, Rachael Messer and Kira Buckland! 

Watch the video below if you would like to see and hear the amazing cast voice their repsective characters!

There's much more to announce, but my third and final plug for today will be....

Chaos Legend by 9Fury:


I auditioned for a HEAP of characters for Chaos Legend about a month ago, and I still remember the excitement I felt at seeing the audition pop up on the Voice Acting Alliance! It was a bucketload of fun!
So I had recieved three characters: Lala (As shown above), Tae and Puru. They will make you melt!
This game is going to be released super soon, and voices will be coming out a little bit after that!
Will keep you all posted!

As always, please feel free to contact me at Aimee.SmithVA@gmail.com should you require a voice actress!
Thanks everyone! 



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2016-12-30 11:04:20

Very talented and congrats...keep it up!

ATheatricalSongBird responds:

Thank you!
Am working super hard at my craft, hoping to make some great strides this year!