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Hi everyone!

Thought I would keep you all updated with my voice over work from the last couple of months!

Siegecraft Commander by Blowfish Studios:

I'm pretty fortunate to announce that I will be voicing one of the lizard commanders, Ktara, in Siegecraft Commander- Which will be available for the Xbox One and PS4 on January 17th of next year!
I am super excited about this for three reasons in particular:
1. I have never voiced in an Xbox One game before. Hype.
2. This role is SO outside my typical voice range. I would need to cough after every couple of lines due to the deepness of her voice, but WHAT A CHALLENGE!
and 3. Blowfish Studios are a Sydney-based indie studio, and I haven;t had the opportunity to voice for a lot of projects that have derived from my own country (Sound crazy, right!?). But I am truly passionate about getting my work out there... Well, here :)

Kitsune Magic Shop by Worldcore Studios:

I am voicing the protagonist, Niyama, in the 3D Visual Novel 'Kitsune Magic Shop!' I also held private auditions to help the team find the best people for the job, and have taken on some voices you may be well acquinated with- Including Edwyn Tiong, Patrick Seymour, Rachael Messer and Kira Buckland! 

Watch the video below if you would like to see and hear the amazing cast voice their repsective characters!

There's much more to announce, but my third and final plug for today will be....

Chaos Legend by 9Fury:


I auditioned for a HEAP of characters for Chaos Legend about a month ago, and I still remember the excitement I felt at seeing the audition pop up on the Voice Acting Alliance! It was a bucketload of fun!
So I had recieved three characters: Lala (As shown above), Tae and Puru. They will make you melt!
This game is going to be released super soon, and voices will be coming out a little bit after that!
Will keep you all posted!

As always, please feel free to contact me at should you require a voice actress!
Thanks everyone! 


Hi everyone!

I've been back from my trip to the states for about 3 weeks now, and I'm super nostalgic!
I truly had the most incredible time- Met so many voice actors that I've been in contact with over the years, was really surreal! Am hoping to go back every couple of years and align some work over there, fingers crossed!

Moving On!

I found this Milla Comic page a couple of months ago, and finally got around to voicing it! The creator actually didn't realise I was the voice of Milla when he gave his permission, so his reaction when I'd informed his was pretty funny!



I also recently got cast in a game called 'Super Puzzle Sisters,' I play Rubble! The game is currently on Steam Greenlight, so if you have a spare moment, please give it a big thumbs up!

4015311_147038385633_SuperPuzzle.jpg  4015311_147038389823_Rubble_SPS.png

That's all for now!

As always, feel free to contact me if you need a voice for your next project!
Thanks guys,

Aimee Smith

I'm still in Texas!

2016-07-10 13:59:17 by ATheatricalSongBird

Hi everyone!

I had my first professional recording session for Milla in Freedom Planet 2 at the Okratron5000 and MY GOD it was the most exciting and nerve-wracking thing I've ever done! It has been a blast getting to FINALLY meet Edwyn Tiong, Dawn Bennett, Kaggy and Steven DiDuro- and spending almost every waking moment together! Evidentally, I'll need to come back to America!

(From left to right: Steven, Dawn, Edwyn, ME, and my fiance Michael [Not a voice actor, just all-round nice guy!])

In other news, last night I got around to getting a twitter (After much convincing from those above *ahem* Dawn... XD), which got me to 75 fans in just one hour! I think I'm going to have fun on this thing!
So check it out, if you would like some prompter updates!

More updates coming soon!

Don't forget to contact me should you need a voice actress!
Happy holidays, everyone!

Anyone live in Plano, Texas?


Milla is going to come and visit for a while! 

Thank you to the amazingly generous and supportive Stephen DiDuro, I will be in Plano from the 6th of July to the 15th of July to record for Freedom Planet 2! Talk about a dream! 

If you live there, please message me with some places to go and things to see!
Excitement is at all new heights! :)

Oh dearie me, how time flies!

Hello fellow newgrounders, I have missed you all.
My absence is close to inexcusable- I invested so much of the last 6 years in my voice acting (Obviously with the exception of the last year) and I feel like I've lost a lot of momentum now! Hopefully some of you still remember me!

How to describe my last year... Well, chaotic.
I've moved 3 times, so in all honesty my microphone didn't leave it's dusty, cardboard box for much of that time.
I'm currently living with my partner, having finally gotten a new iMac and unpacked my microphone, and I think I'm ready to ease back into voice acting. Slowly. 

In all honesty, I've missed it greatly. My boyfriend once made a remark that he was concerned I didn't have hobbies anymore! Unfortunately (and both fortunately!) voice acting is such a demanding, all-encompassing hobby to have, which makes it very tricky to balance with full-time committments. Netflix is such an easier hobby to have.

But I took a great plunge tonight, auditioning for one project (Pale Spec on the VAA- Check it out!), and realised that I am off my game! I used to pull off accents with ease.. I must say it took me a few too many attempts to get it somewhat-acceptable!
So bear with me, I'll get my groove back.


Send me a message at should you require a voice actress!
I'm dipping my little toe back in the water, so here we go again!

Aimee Smith


It's on Steam. Right now.

I am beyond proud of how well it has been recieved... In the last 24hrs it's been played by Yogcast Zoey & Yogscast Martyn and they NERDGASMED! Ahhhhhhhh! XD

The last few days has just been a tornado of Freedom Planet (At the very least, a tornado of emotions!)- Thank you for all of your support! The Galaxytrail Team hope you like what we've worked so hard on the last few years, and we could not have done it without the suport of our beta testers, those that told their friends about the game, made fan art, or simply were silent observers right until the end.

If you bought a T-Shirt during the Teespring campaign, be sure to send a photo this way!  We'll put them all together in a collage or something :)

Some Quick & Exciting Announcements

2014-07-02 21:13:34 by ATheatricalSongBird

I'm gonna be real punchy this time around! No more of these long-winded newsposts that take an hour to make...

Receiving a front page and daily third place, the Juggernaut II has come to town! Featuring the voices of myself, Draginite, JackPlissken & KirbzVA- Has been a long time in the making, so make sure to check it out!

In other very, very exciting news: I found out in the last couple of weeks that I got cast in Scandinavia and the World's animated series! They smashed their Kickstarter goal- Follow this link to their Kickstarter- and have already released a couple of their animations, and man... They are cool. 

It may be obvious to some, but I'll be voicing Sister Australia. You can check out one of the animated segments featuring me and Casper Christensen (Denmark):


One final note- Project Epsilon is an animated web series that has been a long time in the making, and they have just launched their Kickstarter. The coolest McCoolest person ever is also voicing in this with me... SirUndead! That's right, so it's bound to be awesome. Check it out, and give it some love!

As always, thanks for the support, and if you want more instant updates or audition opportunities, like my Facebook Page!

Till next time! XD

This makes me so immensely proud to know I made the cut in his favourites list!
Here I was thinking I was a wall flower!
Shoot me a message; Is he following you too? Were you crazy-excited also?

Also. Get yourself a Freedom Planet T-Shirt!



2014-05-23 08:23:57 by ATheatricalSongBird

Wow. I'm so sorry; I've become really, really slack. 
Three months have completely flown by without my realising I hadn't been making newsposts here! Should you wish this to change, you can certainly like my Facebook Page which has at the very least a weekly posting of my adventures and audition opportunities for you lovely people! Or... You can just be mean and send me hate messages... I PERSONALLY RECOMMEND SPREADING LIKES AND NOT HATES XD

Tooooo The Projects!

- Freedom Planet: As some of you may know, I voice Milla in Freedom Planet, a game I've been really proud to be a part of these last (almost) two years. It is shaping to be an incredible game with the always-likable voices of Suezo, Seymour, Edwyn, Dawn and many more talented beings! And finally, by June 30th, we will have it released. Ahhh! XD
To sate your curiousities in the meantime, why not read more about us on the new super-cool 'About Us' Page?!









- Chrono Rider: I recently got cast as Lyra the Ninja Raccoon in this pixel RPG adventure game, but the game just has 11 days to raise another $264! Think you'd like to help and earn some cool rewards in the process? Check out it's Kickstarter Page- You won't be disappointed at this quirky game! Set to be released in March of next year.

- Dragun Nimidae: SO THIS IS SUPER NEW AND I'M EXCITED. I can't disclose too much, but I will be voicing for the role of Reilly (Picture below) alongisde the incredible Miss Amber Lee Connors (Kaelin). Unfortunately, this beautiful project is just shy of the 25% mark with only 6 days to go. Maybe you can make the difference!? Share, like, comment and all that jazz, every donation or small bit of promotion helps immensely! Here's the Kickstarter Page. 


Other Vocally Exciting Things!

As a quick summary, here are some cool voice acting related things that have happened:
- 400 fans on NGs?! WOW. Trips me out... Thanks so much, everyone! 
- Passed 250 fans on YT! Quite a feat, considering I'm the worst uploader every... It's been a year since my last video *Hides shame*.
- For the first time ever, I am semi-assisting with the casting of an indie game... In a very small way, but none the less it thrills me! I would love to be more active in the casting AND voicing side of projects. So you need help with casting for your project? I'm bound to know the people you need!
- I met Budj (Animator of 'Gigi') and Joeylicious (Voice actor of Golly in 'Gigi')in real life on a trip to Melbourne a couple of months ago (I'm Sydney bound)! An epic day of markets and shopping and talking about cyberspace and brunch and being flirted with by male waiters (Erm... Joey). Was really quite the surreal experience!


I've been super fortunate to have been cast in some really incredible projects as of recent- And I like to share the goodwill around. As mentioned earlier, I tend to post quite a few auditions on my facebook page, and have even recommended a couple of online voice actors to people casting for their indie projects. It's the way it is in the voiceover industry, even if we are on a more amateur level. So if you're a voice actor and have any questions about what equipment you need, where to find projects or how to present yourself to people in cyberspace, feel free to drop me a message here or on my Facebook, and I'll be sure to message you back promptly!

And on a similar note- Should you need any voice acting, don't hesitate to drop me a private message here and I can send you links to my voice demo or/and submit an audition for your project.

Thanks guys!